Surveyflix is a market research platform that gives you the opportunity to voice your opinions and improve the products and services that you use every day. Surveyflix is currently operating in 7 African countries namely: Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, and Rwanda.




How do I register?
Our registration is extremely easy and fast. Go to our website,, and click 'Join Us'. Once you input your details, accept the terms & conditions after which you click on sign up to submit your details

How do I verify my Account?

Can I have multiple accounts?
No, this is against our terms and conditions, in the event that a user has multiple accounts, both will be deleted from our database.


How to invite people to our panel?

On your account dashboard, on the left, there is a tab for inviting your friends to our panel. Click on it, you can share the link that pops up or manually add their email addresses.




How are Points Awarded?

Points are not awarded for the below scenarios:

How do I Redeem my points?


Why did I not get my points, despite completing the survey?


Are there any other ways to earn points?

Why did I not get any payment after inviting my friends?
Always make sure that the friend you referred to us activates their account just like you did upon signing up by clicking on the link in the email they receive. Otherwise, our system will unfortunately not be able to identify who has recruited the participant.




How will I be invited to participate in your Surveys?

What types of surveys will I be participating in?
We will have a wide range of topics ranging from different products and services, to your opinions about certain adverts, travel preferences etc.
Companies will use the results, for example, to develop new products or to adapt to the needs of consumers such as yourself.


How often will I be invited to online-surveys?

How do I make sure that your invites do not end up in my spam box?
If our survey invitations end up in your spam folder, you can adjust your mail settings by adding our mail address to your address book.


What happens with my data and my responses to the surveys I participate in?


How come I am getting none or very few invitations to surveys?
There could be several issues such as:

 Surveys require specific criteria of members, over and above the country of residence. Therefore, if you meet this criterion be sure we will invite you.


Why is the invitation link to the survey not working?
The following tips may help with future surveys.

Why am I told that I do not qualify for the survey?

Why am I being told that the required number of participants has already been reached, shortly after starting the survey?

How can I restart the survey or continue it after an interruption?


What is an Overquota?

Surveys have a respondent qualification criterion of which is normally determined by the first few questions you respond to. Once the number of responses we intended to get is attained, we always close the survey thus trying to access the survey will prompt a quota full message.


How to avoid Overquota?

Participate in the survey as soon as it is posted to avoid hitting quota fulls.


What is a "Dropout"

When a respondent enters a survey and for assorted reasons does not finish it; for example when you close the survey tab in the middle of the survey.


What is a "Terminate"

Surveys have a respondent qualification criterion of which is normally determined by the first few questions you respond to. If you are disqualified at this stage, you will not be awarded and will be deemed as a terminate or screen out. We however will try as much as possible to send to you surveys that we feel you qualify for to avoid these cases.




How do I reset my password?
Kindly proceed as follows:

How do I update my profile?
You can update your profile by logging into your account using your email address and password.

How do I change my email address?

How can I delete my profile?

We will then receive the request and approve the account deletion within 24 hours.

I have a different question
Please write to us through